Providing high quality, medically necessary home medical and respiratory therapy (HME/RT) equipment services and related supplies, in a timely manner to qualified patient-customers, represents the primary mission of The Company. To that end, The Company receives and accepts referrals from physicians, discharge planners, case managers, home health professionals, and other appropriate sources.

As a provider of Equipment Management Services, The Company’s primary objective is to promote, encourage, and support each patient-customer’s sustained and optimum use of prescribed HME/RT equipment and supplies.

As a provider of Clinical Respiratory Services, The Company’s primary objective is to facilitate the movement of certain patient-customer’s toward optimum self-management of their respective medical conditions through an established regimen of home respiratory care.

All patient-customers admitted to service, including significant others and/or primary caregivers, can expect to receive the highest possible level of services rendered in pursuit of The Company’s stated mission within constraints imposed by third party payors, utilization review professionals, or other contractual conditions.

To assure the continued provision of appropriate and high quality HME/RT equipment services and related supplies to qualified patient-customers, The Company shall, in a systematic and ongoing manner, monitor, evaluate, and where indicated, improve performance in all aspects of its operation.