Respiratory Services/Equipment Available

Services and Equipment Available

Providing Oxygen Therapy, Oxygen Concentrator, Portable Gas System, Aerosol Therapy, Medication Nebulizer, IPPB Machine, Sleep Therapy, CPAP Units, Nasal Aire , BiPAP Units, Chest Physiotherapy, Electric Percussors, High-frequency Intrapulmonary, Percussive Devices, Suction Machines, Pulse Oximetry, Apnea Monitors, Home Ventilators.

Regional Educators:

The Vestâ„¢Airway Clearance System

Home Medical/Equipment Available:

Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs, Manual, Electric, Walker, Enteral Pumps and IV Poles, Plus many others, Enteral Nutritional Supplements (Ross, Baxter, Nestle Products).